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Stanley Parrish

Stanley Parrish

Stanley Parrish is a multidisciplinary portrait photographer, wedding photographer, graphic designer and videographer based in Birmingham, Alabama. We have a small creative team who is dedicated to exceeding expectations, located in Trussville, Alabama but we are always up for some fun traveling. Stanley graduated from the University of Alabama with a BA in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. He has over fifteen years of experience working in visual media. See his graphic design portfolio here.

Stanley Parrish background is in art and he believes creative artists, have a variety of tools at their disposal. About 9 years ago, one of his best friends gave him a point and shoot digital camera and photography was a medium that captivated his passion for creating artistic images. He is comfortable and enjoys shooting across a range of genres.

Art is his first love. He loves creating illustrations, logos, advertising design, marketing materials, flyers, posters and more! His goal is to help small businesses and business professionals builder better and effective brands by offering creative graphic design solutions and professional photography services.

Stanley Parrish believes he can uplift the community by creating and sharing beautiful imagery that brings life and value to others. His main goal is to capture your heart, tell your story, and create beautiful images that you and your family will treasure for generations. It takes more than skill to be the best portrait photographer or wedding photographer. It takes passion, heart and genuinely caring about people. Some may know him as a Birmingham wedding photographer, but our team is available for travel worldwide. Be sure to check out his portrait photography work.

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